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Car valeting training

As one of the North West region's leading providers of valeting services, we're well placed to train the next generation of valeters. Our car valeting training courses are suitable for established technicians looking to extend their skillset and deliver an improved level of service to their customers, as well as new valeters just starting out in the industry.

You will be instructed by an Autoglym Registered Operator with over a decade experience in the valeting and detailing industries. All of our instructors possess extensive knowledge, have developed a diverse skillset and are enthusiastic about transferring their knowledge and skills to others.

Car valeting training covers plastic, vinyl and PVC cleaning
Car valeting training includes interior plastic, vinyl and PVC cleaning techniques

Subjects covered during car valeting training

Washing and drying

We will instruct you on brush and blade-free washing and drying techniques, including the cleaning products and tools we recommend to ensure a perfect finish. Pre-wash, snow foam, rinse, contact wash and drying stages of an exterior valet are all covered in detail.

Safe traffic film removal

There are many professional-grade products on the market designed to remove traffic film, but some are kinder to lacquered and painted surface than others. We will advise you on the safest and most effective products, before instructing you in their correct use.

Wheel cleaning and tyre dressing techniques

You will be given instruction on the use of acid-free cleaning solution and the most appropriate tools used to clean alloy wheels. We will also demonstrate how to dress tyres with a satin or wet look that ensures a long-lasting showroom finish.

Hand polishing

An important component of our car valeting training, we will closely instruct you on polishing techniques and offer advice on the most effective polishing products and applicators.

Scratch/micro scratch removal

As part of the hand polishing component, we will also touch on the most effective techniques for removing minor scratches, paintwork defects and micro abrasions (paint swirls).

Interior vacuuming inc. wet and dry

We will briefly cover dry vacuuming but will primarily focus on the use of a professional spray extraction cleaner, a level of service that customers are beginning to expect as standard.

Upholstery stain removal

Stubborn stain removal can provide significant additional income to the valeter when offered as an optional add-on. We will advise on the most effective cleaning consumables and instruct you on their safe use, as damage can be caused if these chemicals are not used with care.

Dog hair removal methods

Dog hair is the valeter's worst nightmare, but it needn't be. While there's no easy shortcut, there are a number of effective techniques that can help speed up this process, and we will also advise on how to approach the issue with customers who may not understand the significant time implications of needing to remove dog hair from a vehicle.

Leather deep cleaning

We will instruct you in the correct use of Autoglym Leather Cleaner and Autoglym Leather Care Balm, industry-leading leather upholstery cleaners that gently clean and protect, preventing cracks and extending the life of the material.

Plastic/vinyl cleaning and restoration

We will provide detailed instruction on silicone-free plastic, vinyl and PVC cleaning and restoration, including insight on the products and tools we recommend. We will also instruct you on the cleaning and treatment of rubber seals using Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care.

Odour removal

Unpleasant odours can be challenging to remove from a vehicle but we will instruct you on the various methods available, from simple odour neutralising spray through to the use of odour bombs to tackle persistent and strong odours. We will also address the health and safety implications that surround the use of these products.

Convertible roof cleaning

Instruction will be on the use of a professional spray extraction cleaner to clean convertible roofs and effective treatment of the fabric to ensure protection from the elements.

Products and tools

There are a multitude of commercial cleaning consumables available on the market that we avoid due to their tendency to cause damage to lacquer or painted surfaces (or in some cases due to the difficulties you may experience applying them). Likewise, there are many tools that we avoid, including brushes and blades on exterior surfaces.

We will provide instruction on the use of products and tools that we consider to be the most effective, also taking into account the cost and time considerations associated with their use.

Valeting van setup

We will advise you on initial setup and the ongoing maintenance of your valeting van, touching on issues such as vehicle size, water tank capacity and generator performance, as well as how to best organise your van to ensure efficiency.

We can also cover administration and marketing issues that you'll encounter when running a business in the valeting industry, including:

Up-selling techniques

With cost now a key consideration to many, it's important to maintain competitive pricing whilst also offering an extensive range of services to ensure the diverse needs of your customers. We will advise you on how to approach up-selling in a manner that is ethical and not overly assertive.

Social media and general marketing

To grow our business we've used traditional and digital media marketing techniques, and we are happy to share insight into the platforms and techniques we feel are most effective.

Scheduling and payment

Scheduling can be challenging for a mobile operation due to issues around traffic and the length of bookings being extended due to unforeseen circumstances. Our vehicle valeting courses touch on issues around scheduling and payment, including how to communicate effectively with customers and manage expectations, for example if a vehicle is in poor condition and requires more work than would be typical.

One-to-one car valeting courses

Our car valeting training is delivered on a one-to-one basis, which means we can provide a tailored experience and focus on your specific needs rather than compromise based on the needs of a larger group. You will have the opportunity to question our instructor in detail on industry best practice, the most effective valeting techniques and the cleaning consumables and tools that we feel produce the best results.

Training is hands-on and primarily delivered on-the-job, an ideal learning environment as you'll encounter a variety of scenarios and challenges. It's also an opportunity to improve your customer relations skills and learn how to handle scheduling issues where they may arise.

Car valeting courses cover spray extraction cleaning
Our car valeting courses cover commercial spray extraction cleaning

Many chemicals typically used when valeting a vehicle are potentially hazardous. Health and safety considerations will be covered, and due to the on-the-job nature of the training programme you'll develop a better understanding of the importance of working in a safe manner.

During car valeting training you'll learn how to...

  • valet all types of vehicle to a high standard;
  • use your time efficiently to ensure profitability;
  • overcome common challenges, such as scratches, staining and strong odours; and
  • learn how to use professional-grade valeting equipment and cleaning consumables.

Contact us for bespoke car valeting courses

Rather than have prescribed or off-the-peg courses, we ask that you contact us so that we can determine your specific requirements and tailor a package to suit you.

For example, we may recommend a 1-day refresher course focusing on specific skills, better suited to established valeters, or a longer, 3-day course covering all the basics, designed for those new to the industry. Whatever your requirements, you can trust our team to find a solution that suits your circumstances and budget, and we will then do our utmost to ensure that you maximise the time you spend with us.

Our guarantee is that you will leave us full of confidence in your ability to consistently deliver high-quality results, and in a time-efficient manner that will improve the profitability of your operation.

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Based in Colne, Lancashire, our valeters travel throughout the East Lancashire region and beyond, including to Nelson, Burnley, Accrington, Clitheroe, Whalley, Blackburn, Darwen, Preston (East), Chorley, Bolton, Bury, Manchester (North), Keighley and Skipton.

Due to increases in the cost of fuel and other consumables, it may not be economically viable for us to travel to outlying areas for services other than a Full Valet or Full Valet Plus. Please contact us prior to booking if you have any doubts about whether we can travel to your address.

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