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Interior Valet

Car interior cleaning can be a time consuming and unpleasant business, so it's no wonder people put it off. But if you book an interior car valet service from Unique Valeting Services, your time is freed up for tasks that are more pressing—or enjoyable. And a lot of that unpleasantness is made a breeze with our specialist equipment and premium quality cleaning consumables.

What's included in our interior car valet service

As the name suggests, this is a professional car deep cleaning service that's 100% focused on the inside of your vehicle.

Rubbish removed

We recommend removing as much rubbish as possible from the vehicle prior to us attending, so we can spend more time on the tasks that benefit from our experience and training.

Interior wet and dry vacuum with shampoo

All seats, carpets and upholstery surfaces (except headliner) are shampooed and wet and dry vacuumed using our Kärcher Puzzi professional spray extraction cleaner. Upholstery will be dry before we leave.

Leather deep clean and feed

If your vehicle has leather upholstery we'll use Autoglym Leather Cleaner and Autoglym Leather Care Balm to gently clean and protect the material, preventing cracks and extending the life of the leather.

Dashboard and interior plastics cleaned and protected

We use Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care to clean, condition and protect plastic, vinyl, PVC and other interior surfaces. This provides a tough anti-static barrier that protects against moisture, dust, staining and fading. We avoiding using silicon where possible.

Compartments and pockets cleaned

We vacuum and clean all the nooks and crannies where dust and dirt is likely to accumulate.

Rubber seals treated

Using Vinyl & Rubber Care once again, we clean and protect all internal rubber seals to preserve the sponginess of the material and prevent seals from drying out and cracking.

Windows cleaned and polished (interior)

We will thoroughly clean your interior windows using a highly effective yet gentle formulation that provides a crystal clear finish, without leaving a wax or silicone residue.

Door sills and rims cleaned and polished

Along with carpets and mats, door sills and rims are often amongst the dirtiest areas of a vehicle, but they won't be once we're done cleaning and polishing. The application of a high-quality polish provides protection to the painted surface.

Dog hair removal (optional)

If you've selected the car dog hair removal optional extra, we will use our professional equipment to try remove all evidence that a dog has been travelling with you in the vehicle. This is a time-consuming process and requires us to spend more time working on your vehicle, hence an additional fee is necessary.

Air freshen

We will spray an odour neutraliser inside your vehicle and leave you with a complimentary Autoglym air freshener. We also offer a car odour removal service as an optional extra which is intended to tackle strong and persistent odours such as cigarette smoke.

Inside car cleaning by the professionals

Our Autoglym-registered operators have many years' experience in the valeting and detailing trade, so they have the skills necessary to quickly and efficiently restore your vehicle's interior to showroom standard.

Customers often contact us before returning a leased vehicle, as fees may be levied when vehicles are returned in a condition outside what the leasing company considers “fair wear and tear”. In this scenario, the cost of an interior car clean is almost always less than the additional charges you'd expect to pay the leasing company. We've helped out many customers who have called us having attempted to do the work themselves, soon realising that they aren't able to achieve the standard that the leasing company expects.

Completed interior car valet service viewed through sunroof of Range Rover
Interior car valet service completed on Range Rover

We also specialise in deep car cleaning for customers selling their vehicles privately, as a professionally cleaned vehicle can attract more offers and a higher price on the market. And then there are the newly-purchased used cars that have built-up grime and lingering odours that their previous owners didn't deal with before selling the vehicle on.

Whatever your circumstances, the experienced and highly skilled technicians at Unique Valeting Services can help transform the interior of your vehicle.

Car interior steam cleaning and car seat cleaning services

Not all valeting companies offer wet vac seat cleaning, but in some cases it's necessary to use such a tool due to heavy soiling. Our wet and dry vacuum is a heavy-duty Kärcher Puzzy professional spray extraction cleaner that cleans much deeper than a standard dry vacuum, lifting embedded or ingrained filth from car seat fabrics using water and a specialist soap solution.

Car interior cleaning
Car interior cleaning includes leather deep clean and protect

If your car seats are badly stained we can pre-treat stains by hand prior to vacuuming. This process can be time consuming so it's possible we'll need to apply an additional fee per seat where stains are particularly stubborn to remove. We will inform you of any additional costs prior to carrying out the work.

Car dog hair removal

Dog hairs have a tendency to become embedded in car upholstery and will begin to smell as they build up inside the vehicle. The internet and social media is awash with ideas about how best to tackle dog hair—from rubbing with a pumice stone to applying fabric conditioner—but there's no magic bullet, and some of these suggestions will only make things worse. While we're experts at pet hair removal, this is a difficult, time-consuming process that can be hard on our equipment. With that in mind we do have to charge an additional fee for vehicles used by pets that drop hair.

Car odour removal

For an additional fee we can prioritise the removal of strong odours from your vehicle interior. For example, many customers come to us having bought a used car that smells strongly of cigarette smoke, which can be very difficult to tackle unless you have professional tools and products. We can also deal with odours caused by dogs, food, mildew, mould and moisture. Depending on which car smell removal methods we need to use, it may be necessary for you to not enter your vehicle for up to two hours following the end of the valet.

If you have any questions about our car interior cleaning service or any of the other packages we offer, please get in touch. The friendly team at Unique Valeting Services will be happy to help.

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Based in Colne, Lancashire, our valeters travel throughout the East Lancashire region and beyond, including to Nelson, Burnley, Accrington, Clitheroe, Whalley, Blackburn, Darwen, Preston (East), Chorley, Bolton, Bury, Manchester (North), Keighley and Skipton.

Due to increases in the cost of fuel and other consumables, it may not be economically viable for us to travel to outlying areas for services other than a Full Valet or Full Valet Plus. Please contact us prior to booking if you have any doubts about whether we can travel to your address.

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